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Learning some of the "tech" skills that are needed to create a successful practice or business can help you stand out, even if you have been relying on "old school" methods in the past. It's never too late!

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Wordpress Help

Whether you need help building your first Wordpress site or with maintenance, I'm here to help.

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Virtual Assistant Services

Don't have time for all the tasks on your "To-do" list? I completely understand! Sometimes the best solution for maximum productivity is outsourcing.

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Want to take it all on the road and work remotely? There are some very specific challenges that I can help you with.


Completed projects include websites, landing pages, elegant .pdfs, videos, and more. Of course, you can't see the function of all the "moving parts" that link all these things together in a portfolio, and when we talk I can show you examples and explain how it all works.

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This is THE PLACE for (non-tech) solo business owners that have found themselves in a position of having to use technology to keep up in business but either don’t even know WHERE to start, or find that they are running into roadblocks.

I have noticed that there is a huge divide between:

1. Many “creative” and “healing” types who identify with NOT being a newbie, which is normal, but “terrible” with all things “tech” which is really just a made-up story we tell ourselves. 


2. “Experts” who use excessive jargon and almost purposely make everything dry, boring, and harder than it needs to be. 

What IF.. there was a way to bridge this gap?

To explain basic concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, and to make the basics of setting up a platform or infrastructure that can work FOR you.. MUCH more accessible?

That is my mission.

For many, especially in the healing professions, “tech” can take up a LOT of mental space. This can come from:

• Going the DIY route when outsourcing may be a better option. This is what I did, and it worked for me because I had more time than money, (Ok, I was BROKE.) I also had a previous background in graphic design and technology, and started to enjoy creating websites, landing pages, etc.

This route isn’t for everyone, though. It can also lead to stagnation, procrastination, frustration, and LOSS of income.

• Hiring “IT” people to do a job that involves creative marketing solutions tailored for YOU. 

I have met a few colleagues who are… ok, shall we say, “cheap.” who not only prefer the DIY route, which is fine, but have very little understanding of their own needs and hire/trade services for someone who can write good solid code, but has no idea how a website should function for different stages in your practice:

• Brick and mortar
• Brick and mortar with online courses, blogs, email list-building tools, social media integration, etc.
• Transition to online coaching and consulting, visibility, creating credibility, in a purely “online space.”  

Most “IT” people are FANTASTIC resources (see my blog.. the Wine Incident) but aren’t web developers or marketing specialists. It’s like using a hammer when you really need a set of screwdrivers.

If you need a website or marketing solution, you need someone who gets the whole picture, understands how to set up the infrastructure (starting with a BOTH well-functioning AND well designed website) you need.

Just because someone is skilled with setting up a site from scratch doesn’t mean that they understand the needs of your business and how to set up your site so that it actually GENERATES INCOME for you, instead of creating a $4,000 glorified brochure that sits there and does nothing for you but drain your bank account.

They should also be empowering you by showing you how to create  and update content on your own site. WordPress is my favorite platform and it is very easy to log in and add content.

Your website, and everything connected to it, should be a living, evolving, entity, not a “static” brochure with contact info that just sits there.

This whole process should be EMPOWERING (to use an overused word, yes) and FUN.

My goal is to help healers and creative types get over their fear of “tech” and if they desire, shifting into location independence, which can be quite a bumpy ride without help.

So I invite you to dive in, have a glass of wine or coffee in my favorite virtual cafe (I’m in Southern Europe and I LOVE the cafe culture here) and enjoy.

Read a few blogs, check out a course or two.

My new book will also be coming out soon!




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As I was in the process of creating this VERY basic website, in order to prove that I could do it FAST.. I ran into 2 of my most typical problems. 1. Themes. None do what Read more…

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