As I was in the process of creating this VERY basic website, in order to prove that I could do it FAST.. I ran into 2 of my most typical problems.

1. Themes. None do what I want them to do. One does just blogging. Another isn’t really set up for a coaching/ wellness business. Another is just plain ugly. I knew what I wanted, something clean and elegant, with a few easy to plug-and play menu options.

Of course, I’m not worrying about plugins at this point.. or things like opt in forms.

2. My blog posts were going “404” on me. ooops.  Page doesn’t exist. Damn.. quick Google search. This is new to me.. and probably here to teach me a lesson for thinking I could be so cocky to think I could get a basic site up and running so quickly, and declaring it in public!

Something about.. permalinks. Sigh.. one the forums was epically long and depressing to read. Did I need to re-install WP?  Eh.. Ok.. lets go for the EASY way first. Right!


That took me here:

And then I realized that there was an extra /’/ in the original URL.

So.. I selected “day and name”.. saved changes.. and then got the correct URL:

Sometimes it’s that easy. I got lucky.  If this helps anyone new to WP, mission accomplished.

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