You may have heard that it’s becoming more and more important to be visible online, regardless of whether you have an online business, a brick-and-mortar business, or a combination of the two.

The thought of starting a new project can be daunting. There’s so much to learn.. so many new apps out there, and it’s not always straightforward. My job is to help you make this process easier and to help you build confidence as you begin to build your online presence, Let’s chat!. 

In my experience, 3 things tend to happen as you start this journey, which can be potentially frustrating:

1. Your are  told that the process of creating a website, creating content for courses and opt ins, creating an email workflow and a linked payment system and getting all the “moving parts” of the funnel would be EASY. And that if you are frustrated, you are “making it too complicated.”

I was told this by a well-known guru who has several VA’s working for him, solving these problems on a daily basis.

Granted, yes, it’s generally true that the entire system doesn’t HAVE to be complicated. But this doesn’t mean that it’s all going to be smooth or easy, every day.  Ask anyone who has ever launched a product or spend an entire day trying to solve a problem getting the correct email sent, or all the “pieces” of the puzzle to work together properly. You can feel like a failure even as you feel proud of yourself for even attempting to use Zapier.

Has this ever happened to you? If so, I get it!

In this case, the problem isn’t necessarily that you are “making it too hard.” If you are not doing these types of tasks everyday, it CAN be a pain in the ass. Some of the “gurus” will even recommended complicated, bloated, and expensive solutions for newbies.. and would STILL blame the newbie for “overcomplicating matters.” That’s why I insist that my clients aren’t overcomplicating a system that they “should know” if they could just “stop thinking and relax!”  For me, this poor guidance was a recipe for stress and rapid loss of confidence. 

Relax, you are not alone if the whole process isn’t completely, 100% trouble-free. It’s simply not true that  you will never have to solve another problem again if you go the DIY route. I won’t bullshit you, sometimes tech is all about problem-solving. To me, knowing this can be liberating.

Knowing this, in addition to actually making your systems as easy and user-friendly as possible, will reduce a LOT of your stress.

2.You don’t even know the FIRST thing about what everyone else is buzzing about. What’s an email workflow? What the heck does a project management app do, and which one is right for me? (if any) What’s all this about WordPress, and why shouldn’t I just sign up for Wix or have a designer create a non-WP site? How do I create a course when I don’t even know the very first step? SEO? It’s like understanding quantum physics or Chinese.

So you declare yourself “bad at tech” without really even trying, and that’s that.

This is normal. Everyone has to start somewhere. Today, it’s easier than ever to just get a website (yes, a WordPress site) up there and start with your own 1.0 version of your service or product. Seriously.

The solution, however, is NOT about going with the cheapest solution. Cutting too many corners will actually COST you more in the long run.

The key is to find that “happy middle ground” in which you can be most effective.

I want my clients to relax and feel confident and capable, should they decide to go the DIY route. I also want them to know that it’s OK to ask for help, and that there are NO STUPID questions. I want to acknowlege the frustrations that can and do arise without trivializing valid concerns by saying that it’s always an easy and glitch-free process, while at the same time making sure that the process is set up for success by keeping systems as simple and elegant as possible.

Sometimes this could mean that the best solution is simply delegating the task to someone else. Smart move!  This should be the next step you take as your business grows.. investing in more growth, instead of spending time learning new “tech tricks”

3. You are somewhat savvy, and just want to get your course launched, but ran into a “snag.”  Your Google search results are starting to drain you.. and you find yourself watching yet another random instructional video, which was so terrible that you are more confused than ever. Or you just read another blog that tells you NOTHING about this new app or process that you MUST have in order to succeed, just that it’s fantastic and does this or that.. but there’s no HOW included. (Hello affiliate marketers!) Steps are skipped and you are left guessing. Or you find nothing but conflicting information.

Some experts can and DO make something simple into something complicated or mystical.. by skipping vital steps, leaving you guessing, or by doing a VERY POOR job of explaining a process. If someone TRULY knows how to do something, they should be able to explain it to a 6 year old, or they don’t really know.

I don’t know everything, and I don’t try to learn everything. My goal is to be able to learn what I need to, and explain how a system or app works in the simplest, most straight-forward way I can, and to help my clients build confidence on their own.

I also know what my own limitations are, and if there’s something I don’t know, I’m happy to refer to someone who can be of more help, just like I did when I had an acupuncture clinic.

Want to see if we might make a good fit? You can schedule a consultation with me, which is always free.