Hi there!  This is THE PLACE for you if:

  • You are a solo business owner  in a position of having to use technology to keep up in business and are not quite sure WHERE to start.
  • You are VERY tired of all the younger “tech whizzes” and the “hustle gurus” that leave you feeling even more drained than when you started.
Sit down, and have a cup of tea or coffee or.. a glass of wine. Relax. The whole thing doesn’t have to be like this. Let’s make this fun, easy, and relaxed. You EARNED it. Right?

Let me guess..

You are more of a healer or creator than someone who wants to focus on “tech” stuff. You just want to do what you were put on this earth to do, but also know deep down that technology is going to have to be your FRIEND, not your nemesis!

Or maybe you ARE somewhat savvy but are feeling stuck. I’m here to help you move forward either with mindset and productivity, or simply by getting you past the roadblocks that are currently facing you. Maybe that means allowing me to to that task you have been putting off FOR you!

And.. one more thing.. maybe you have a desire to skip the traditional path to success and take your show “on the road” as they say. I’m living proof that you are never too old to liquidate your old life, start fresh, and find a way to offer your talents remotely.

The current term for this is “digital nomad” and it doesn’t always mean a 20-something doing IT work in Thailand. It could be YOU! I had an acupunture practice in the past, and I took what I knew and turned it into a health coaching business.

However, I found, surprisingly, that I LIKED tech and business so that’s what I decided to focus on.

One more thing: Life’s too short to take this all TOO seriously. I want to add a little humor here, to show that you are NOT alone. We’ve all experienced frustrations and even outright disasters at some point. Let’s talk about that too.. laugh, and move one. (Read my blog about how I spilled a glass of perfectly good Macedonian wine on my laptop to prove that life does go on)

As I write this, I’m in my lounge clothes working in a cheap apartment in Mostar, Bosnia, but sometimes I like to work in a cafe and have a little coffee.

And sometimes, a little wine.