Yes, I can create an elegant website, video, or .pdf file for you. I can also help you with the “Things” that are not as much fun for you due to lack of time, overwhelm, or “mental blocks.”

Many of my clients have discovered that all the “tech” chores just isn’t their thing and would rather focus on other aspects of their business or practice.

Services I can help you with:

  • Simple, elegant WordPress Sites
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Production
  • Copywriting and Website Content
  • Elegant .pdf worksheets, ebooks, and guides
  • Setting up and Maintaining Teaching Sites (Teachable)
  • Email Workflows (Automated Email) Using ConvertKit
  • Some Systems Integrations (Email, Landingpages, some payment systems)
  • Blog Content
  • Social Media Content Management
  • Graphic Design (Memes, logos, banners, general branding)

My specialty is working with those in the healing professions create compelling content and the systems that make it EASY for such busy entrepreneurs to establish a PRESENCE in the ever-evolving online “space.”

You can view samples of my work on my portfolio page. 

I’m also available for free consultations, so we can find out if we are a “good match.” Even if we only meet once, my goal is to provide as much value as I can, to help you find your “next step!”